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Quick Hits: December 2

From Jen Robinson’s Book Page

I have to get to work, but I do have a few quick things to share this morning:

Judy Blume started a blog tour yesterday at Big A little a. I don’t see how my stop on the tour (Thursday) can possibly measure up to Kelly’s post. Or Little Willow’s interview today, for that matter. But I hope that you’ll tune in on Thursday anyway. As I commented at Kelly’s, it’s a bit surreal to be interviewing someone who seemed mythic and unreachable when I was a child. But very cool.

I was honored to be included again in Jon Bard’s Children’s Literature Blog Posts of the day video at Children’s Writing Web Journal (for yesterday’s children’s literacy round-up). Also, for those who subscribe to Children’s Book Insider, don’t miss the guest article from Pam Coughlan (MotherReader). It’s content that Pam has presented at the Kidlitosphere Conferences, about taking your blog to the next level, but it’s always worth another look.

Newlogorg200Big news from Readergirlz. First, they’ll be featuring Meg Cabot this month, and discussing her novel How To Be Popular. [One of the recommended companion reads by the Postergirlz is A la Carte, the lovely first novel by our own Tanita Davis (TadMack from Finding Wonderland). I was also pleased to see Jennifer Ziegler’s How NOT to be Popular as a companion read, because it’s selection pleases my sense of symmetry.]

The other news from Readergirlz is the launch of Readertotz. The email announcement explains: “Co-founded by readergirlz diva and author/illustrator Lorie Ann Grover and author/illustrator Joan Holub, the blog site aims to raise the awareness and esteem of infant-toddler books. Visit the site for a monthly community service, a playlist, a recommended read for the older sibling, and weekly recommends for baby readers.” Very nice!

And finally, don’t forget to submit your favorite/best post of the year (related to children’s literacy or literature) to the December Carnival of Children’s Literature. You can submit by emailing me, or (ideally) use the form at the Carnival website. Please note that posts that have some overt agenda (e.g. religious or commercial), or seem unrelated to the carnival, may be excluded. The deadline to submit is the end of the day on December 15th. So, think about your best or favorite post of the year, or just a post that you would like to see given another look, and send it in. Thanks!

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