Sunday Afternoon Visits: September 7
Sunday, September 7, 2008 at 4:17 PM
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From Jen Robinson’s Book Page

Do you find that you still remember important birthdays from your childhood, even if the people in question aren’t in your life anymore? I have trouble getting new birthdays to stick in my head, but the ones from childhood, up through college, are stored in my permanent memory. So, as I wrote the date today, it reminded me that it was my childhood best friend’s birthday. I’m not sure where she is now - we haven’t been in contact in several years - but I still think of her every year on September 7th. Happy Birthday, Carol!

Anyway, it’s been a quiet weekend on the blogs, and I just did a round-up on Thursday, so I only have a couple of tidbits for you this afternoon.

And that’s all for today. Happy Sunday!

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