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KidLitCon Austin Round-Up

Thanks to everyone who came out for KidLitCon Austin! We had a smaller, but very enthusiastic group of bloggers who made it a special weekend. Here are some of their experiences:

Charlotte at Charlotte’s Library, 2 Cute Pictures of My Cat or What I Learned at KidLitCon  (hint: what she learned involves the cat)

Sarah at Finding Wonderland, KidLitCon’13 Recap, Part 1 (where she admits that there may not be a part 2 as deadlines loom.)

Jen at Jen Robinson’s Book Page KidLitCon 2013: Connecting with Kindred Spirits (a tribute to friends and ideas)

Sherry at Semicolon KidLitCon: What There Was and What I Learned (hint: she learned the power of the extravert)

Melissa at Book Nut, Ten Things About KidLitCon 2013 (the power of lists)

Jennifer at 5 Minutes for Books, My First - But Not Last - KidLit Book Blogging Con (we’ve got a new fan)

Allie at In Bed with Books, KidLitCon, Briefly (recap on the quick)

Kelly at Stacked, KidLitCon 2013: The Past, Present and Future of Blogging (a delightfully detailed post)

Pam at MotherReader, KidLitCon Austin Recap (clever title, this.)

Sheila at Wands and Worlds, Diversity, Authenticity, and Kindred Spirits (a keywords post)

Rosemond at Big Hair and Books, KidLitCon Highlights (she thinks I’m super-cute!)

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