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A Note for Authors and Publishers About KidLitCon14

We are in the middle of preparing for KidLitCon 2014 and are excited by this year’s conference theme Blogging Diversity in Young Adult and Children’s Lit: What’s Next? While we are busy contacting authors and publishers, it has occurred to us (the author/publisher coordinators) that we aren’t aware of everyone who would be interested in, and a fantastic addition to, this year’s KidLitCon.

We are a small grass-roots conference, an annual gathering of bloggers and authors who are interested in and passionate about children’s and young adult literature. The intention of the Kidlitosphere Conference is to meet like-minded and interested people, and to discuss the issues facing us in both publishing and blogging about children’s and young adult books. Together, the attendees of the conference —who are typically librarians, authors, teachers, parents, booksellers, publishers, and readers — share their experiences and ideas to find out “the best way to get the right books into the young reader’s hands”, as organizer Jen Robinson has put it.

If you are interested in a sampling of participants’ highlights and thoughts from past KidlitCons, here are round-up posts from 2013 and 2011

In the past, authors and publishers have been very supportive of KidLitCon. Keeping that in mind, we are pleased to offer sponsorship opportunities for publishers. These include: 

1. Ads in the printed conference program.

2. Meal sponsorship. As an example, in 2012, Little-Brown sponsored a dinner for the attendees which featured Grace Lin as a speaker. We would be open to proposals along these lines.

3. Author signings: a time for authors to showcase their work, sign books, and chat with attendees.

4. Publisher-provided ARCs and other collateral material (in limited quantities).

Any other opportunities or ideas you have are welcome. We also welcome panel proposals from authors and publishers. You don’t have to be an active blogger to submit a proposal. To do so, fill out the proposal form here.   

KidLitCon is a much smaller conference than the ALA, BEA, and NCTE. While this makes it possible for the the experience to be intimate, it also means little funding for conference attendees. Hence, we cannot, at this point in time, offer a blanket invitation to our speakers to attend the entire conference as guests (although each one of us wishes we could!). However, if there are authors/ speakers who might want to participate in our dedicated Friday afternoon author book signing affair, or participate on a Saturday panel, registration for the entire event would not be required. For those wishing to stay for more of the conference, payment of the registration fee would be expected (details: here). 

KidLitCon does have the best of everything: Good books, good conversation and amazing KidLit bloggers under one roof!! We hope you can join us and we look forward to seeing you there!

KidlitCon 2014 Author Coordinators:

Melissa Fox ( @
Reshama Deshmukh ( @

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