Call for Presenters for KidLitCon 2017
Monday, June 26, 2017 at 8:16 PM
Jen Robinson in KidLitCon, KidLitCon

The annual Kidlitosphere Conference, AKA KidLitCon 2017, will be held November 3rd and 4th in Hershey, PA. KidLitCon is an annual gathering of people who care about children’s and young adult books and sharing that passion with others, either in real life or online. We are looking for panelists for this fall’s conference. Panels can range from formal presentations to conversations with lots of audience input. Potential topics can be anything relating to young adult and children’s literature.

This year, instead of the structured application form we’ve used in the past, we’re simply asking anyone who’d be interested in participating to contact me, the program organizer, Charlotte Taylor. If you’d like to submit an idea for a complete panel, with multiple participants all lined up, that’s great. If you’re just thinking “I’d like to talk about what makes a good early chapter book” or whatever subject you are passionate about, that’s welcome too!  You won’t be made to hold the stage alone (unless you specifically want to…).

Sessions run about 45 minutes. Past conference topics have included big issues in YA, conquering the blogging blahs, learning to podcast, and ways to support diverse books. Here are links to the three most recent programs, so you can see what we’ve previously discussed.

Repeat visits to past topics are welcome alongside new ideas. A few thoughts—we’ve never talked specifically about historical fiction (is there such a thing as “getting it right?”) or religion (books written for a specific audience, books specifically addressing social and cultural topics related to religion). There’s always room for conversations about class, race, disability, sex. gender, politics, and pictures!

Unfortunately, we don’t have the funds to waive registration for participants, but we can promise a great time. If you are a writer and would like to come, consider asking your publisher to cover the registration cost; if you are a publisher, please contact me if you’d like to steer any of your authors our way! 

If you are interested, please email me at by August 1.

More about KidLitCon:

KidLitCon started as a blogging conference, and though it still focuses on critical evaluation of books and book reviewing, the participants include librarians, teachers, authors, illustrators, parents, and publishers, as well as book reviewers. It’s a small, friendly conference, perfect for (often) introverted book lovers. Attending is a great way to turn virtual friends into real world friends, and it’s a great way to re-energize your reading and book-sharing! More details about the logistics of this year’s gathering in Hershey soon to come.

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