Poetry Friday

At the end of the week many children’s book aficionados and bloggers use their sites to contribute favorite poems or chat about something poetical in an event called Poetry Friday. The features can be for children or adults, can be original poems, reviews of poetry books, reviews of poetic picture books, links to poems at copyright protected sites, thoughts about poetry, and more. Song lyrics have been even been featured. 

One blog rounds up all the posts on the subject, so that poetry aficionados can read more posts on a favorite subject. 

Many bloggers advise adhering to copyright fair-use restrictions; if a poem is under copyright protection (and most contemporary ones are), only a couple of lines can be quoted under fair use. Often one can link to the rest of the poem. Kelly Herold, who blogged at Big A little a, brought Poetry Friday to the children’s book blogging world and now Mary Lee Hahn at A Year of Reading manages the list of upcoming hosts.

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Poetry Friday Roundups

Each week, a blogger is tasked with rounding up the Poetry Friday posts around the blogosphere. Here are links to the bloggers who will be taking on that task in the weeks ahead, as well as links to past roundup posts. Enjoy!